Monday, August 8, 2011

Summertime Blues

The Summer is drawing to a close for the Bennett family and I am sad to see it go.  It has been a summer full of first and many memories.

Presley runs more these days than she walks and climbing in, on, and over is an everyday occurrence.  She gets so excited for herself when she reaches her goal.  Climbing into her highchair was one of the first accomplishments and now it is going down stairs, however the other day the gate was left open and she made it down to the first landing all by herself! Gave me a heart attack!

We have spend many days playing with all of our buddies.  We visited the Brentwood Library most Mondays to have songs, stories, and a lesson in foreign language with Miss Charity.  If it was too hot, we went to Jump-mania or hit the swimming pool.


Presley even made it up to Cameron, Missouri for the Bennett family reunion.  She was such a good baby, cutting teeth and all, and slept like a pro at Aunt Jennifer and Aunt Kim's house.

Later in the summer Presley and I even got to be movie stars and shoot a commercial for a local credit union here in town.  Check out the link!

We have spent so much time together as a family getting comfortable in our new house and neighborhood.  We love being here and have enjoyed having friends and family over.

Presley received her MMR shots (I was terrified and she did just fine--as usual) and weighed in at 22 lbs. 5oz and 30.75 in.  Still holding strong at 50% for weight and 75% for height.  Dr. Steele believes that she will be of average weight and little on the tall side, thank you Jesus for giving me a child with above average height!  If you know the Crocker's we aren't ALL!

I am excited for Presley to start "school" this year.  I just know after one week she is going to go from saying babbles and a 10 words to complete sentences.  She is growing way too fast for me to keep track of it all.

However, I have been able to observe her and I have determined she is super special and just an absolute joy to be with. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Looks it's a Bennett Tornado!

We have felt like we have been through a tornader! Packing up one house and moving into another in six weeks, thank you so much to our friends and family who helped us move and continue to help us move in new furniture. Presley loves her new home. We introduced her slowly, having her come with us when we would bring boxes over and she would race around in her walker in the sun room. My mom watched her while we moved and brought her back that afternoon to check out her new "crib." This is her in her room on her first day in the house. She loves all the space to run, having a toy room with a drawing table and a toy chest that she can easily pick what she is looking for.


Presley and I have spent many of our days going to story time at the Brentwood library (really close to the house) and visiting many of their afternoon programs.  Here we are at Toucan Jam Band.  This group was fantastic, telling many fables and folktales.  All the while introducing the kids to different parts of the world, their music, and instruments. Presley was so intrigued and loved every minute of their performance.

We have also had several play dates with swimming partners.  Presley loves swimming and has no fear of the water.  She thinks it is tons of fun to go under and had blowing bubbles mastered in an afternoon.  We are currently working on "open and close" with her arms to get her used to moving her arms and legs in sequence.  I know she will not be swimming this summer, but there is hope that next summer she will take to the water with a pair of water wings. 

Birthday invitations are piling up in our mailbox like Q&A letters to Heloise.  That is okay, Presley and I enjoy any excuse to have our cake and eat it too.

For Father's Day we spent the evening at Todd's brother's house and we brought dessert with Todd's new ice cream maker.  It is so cool that his birthday and Father's Day are about a week apart, he always gets good gifts and we reap the benefits from them.  Presley was excited about the ice cream maker and enjoyed eating it just as much.  I told Todd that this machine with bring us together for more happy occasions over the next 20 years than we could ever imagine

I hope not to wait so long before the next post, but we might get busy having a good time!Posted by Picasa